DNA stick to agarose gel!

Krzysztof Wasowicz wasowicz at moskit.uwm.edu.pl
Tue Sep 19 06:08:37 EST 2000

Michael Witty <mw132 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

>I get that sometime in DNA extracts.  I put it down to "dentatured DNA"
>stuck in the well or some fluorescent contaminant that copurified with the
>DNA.  In any case I don't think it is something to worry about.  Is it
>plant DNA?
> On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, Rajeswari Srinivasan wrote:
>> Hi ,
>> I extract DNA by CTAB method and purify by phenol chloroform
>> extraction.After washing I dry the DNA to remove ethanol
>> completely.Still,everytime, in agarose gel ,part of the DNA sticks to
>> the well.Can anybody suggest me some remedy?
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Rajeswari
It may happen that what you see in the well is high molecular mass DNA
which simply refuses to enter the gel because of much-too-long
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