mRNA isolation kits

clarosa clarosa at
Tue Sep 19 13:13:38 EST 2000

"Gauthier , Eric" wrote:

> Before you buy any expensive kits, why don't you try the good old Chomczyski
> and Sacchi procedure (Anal Biochem, 1987, 162: 156-159; Pflugers Archiv,
> 1997, 433[5]: 664-668)? These methods work very well with cultured cell
> lines and whole tissue and the RNA can be used without any problem for
> RT-PCR applications.

Agreed.  If you dont have all the reagents on hand,  there are plenty of
companies selling similar or slightly optimized formulations of "tri-reagent",
Trizol, whathave you for about a dollar per ml.  The Trizol reagent from Gibco
has a nice little protocol sheet and it works very well for RNA isolation as
described above

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