Making own gel dryer

Savita Shah spshah at
Tue Sep 19 15:57:17 EST 2000

Dima Klenchin wrote:

> In article <8pj8b3$o6d$1 at>, "Gary" <gkrause at> wrote:
> >How can I make my own gel dryer for plyacrylamide gels?  Already have vacuum
> >pump and oven.  Thanks.
> >
> Unless you need must not cover one side of the gel with anything
> (as in 3H/fluorography), there is absolutely no reason to use any
> specialized gel dryer. Equilibrating the gel with 3-5% glycerol,
> placing it between two cellophane sheets in plastic frame (about
> two dollars to make) and letting dry (room temp or up to +70)

> or drying this assemble at 60degC oven.. gel dries withing few hours...


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