DNA stick to agarose gel!

Savita Shah spshah at stanford.edu
Tue Sep 19 16:29:53 EST 2000

May be your DNA is not completely dissoved in the buffer.. I had the same
problem. Try dissolving DNA (e.g 0.3g fresh leaf tissue, DNA isolated by
CTAB.) DNA in 200ul TE

and if you are loading 1or 2ul of preped DNA to check on the gel, make up
the volume to 10uL with TE and then load on the gel. you will see an
improved picture.

Also, some contaminating proteins (inspte of phenol chloroform) may
contribute to the flourescence you see in the well.
Hope this helps


Rajeswari Srinivasan wrote:

> Hi ,
> I extract DNA by CTAB method and purify by phenol chloroform
> extraction.After washing I dry the DNA to remove ethanol
> completely.Still,everytime, in agarose gel ,part of the DNA sticks to
> the well.Can anybody suggest me some remedy?
> Thanks in advance.
> Rajeswari

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