gel documentation systems

Dave Vadnais davevadnais at
Tue Sep 19 17:10:25 EST 2000

I have used the BioRad gel doc system and while it is a bit user unfriendly,
it is a good system for doing all sorts of gel image analysis.  It can also
be used for non-gel applications, such as southern or northern analysis as

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"amar" <prabhuam at> wrote in message news:39C7DAF3.B9437885 at
Hi all,
I'm looking for information about gel documentation systems.
My lab is considering buying something that could perform
fluorescent, chemiluminescent, colorimetric imaging.  Does
anybody have experience/recommendations?  I'm concerned
with versatility of the system and compatibility with other
software (ie, making sure you can use your image).  Feel
free to post to the list or reply off-list.
Thanks for your time.
Susan Redwine
redwines at

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