Western-Blot: PBS/TBS

Maryam Diarra Maryam.Diarra-Mehrpour at univ-rouen.fr
Wed Sep 20 02:59:20 EST 2000

Tbs is better
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> "Jürgen" wrote:
> > Does anybody know if it makes a difference for certain antibodys (for
> > protein-detection  on a western-blot) to use PBS instead of TBS as basic
> > all the incubation- and washing-buffers?
>   I have heard some people say that TBS gives less background, but I've
> used both and it's made no difference to my blots.
> > Because of a lack of protein-sample I can repeat this experiment only
> > And now I would like to use PBS instead of TBS.
> If your protein is that precious, it might be worth trying stripping and
> reprobing the blot with fresh antibody.  Assuming the antibody isn't
> also very limited, it will at least give you another go at the blot.
> > Jürgen
> love
> Anna


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