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I came across this information from some where.  But it seems, TAE buffer
being a weaker buffer, crack more easily than TBE. So when it is necessary
to run at high voltages, TBE is more often preferred, but resolution suffers
a bit.

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> Hi,
> TAE is supposed to lead to a better resolution of small fragments. But you
> have to use a peristaltic pump when running the gels overnight. The
> depurination step before southern blotting with 0,25 M HCl requires less
> time when TAE is used because it's a *weaker* buffering system.
> Hope that's a good enough explanation....
> Frauke
> John/Pam Bohmfalk schrieb in Nachricht ...
> >Please pardon the perhaps ignorant question.  In agarose gels, what are
> >the advantages of TAE or TBE?  I have been unable to find a good
> >explanation of why or when one buffer should be used over the other.
> >Thanks.
> >
> >John
> >jbohmfalk at hastings.edu


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