tracking dye / Orange G

Sophie Launey launey at
Thu Sep 21 03:54:22 EST 2000

Hello everybody,

When running my PCR (microsatellites, 100 to 300bp) on denaturing
acrylamide gels, I use Bromophenol Blue as a tracking dye. The gel is
then scanned on a fluorescence scanner and I have a sort of "background"
band at around 100 bp, that is apparently due to some degradation
product of the dye (see Buchholz et al, 1999, BioTechniques,
I'm looking for alternate tracking dye and came across Orange G dye.
However, I cannot find information about possible toxicity (and
subsequent appropriate handling and disposal) for this dye (the only
info I've found is "The toxicological properties of this material have
not been investigated.")
I wonder if anyone is using Orange G, and if so how do they deal with
it? Or if there are other alternate tracking dyes that would migrate
faster than the bands of interest and leave no residue? 

Many thanks in advance

Sophie Launey

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