how do I unsubscribe???!!!!!!

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> Hi everyone,
> can someone please tell me how to unsubscribe to this news group.

Yep easy on RISC OS4. Go into choices from the menu in MessengerPro or
Marcel and click on the group with the middle mouse button and chose
unsubscribe. This will delete the group from the log.
You could be a bit sneaky and ask for MessengerPro (which I use) or
Newshound (transporter) to fetch the Message ID's and not the headers or
bodies. this way if you decide to resuscribe to the group you will only
get the postings from the last time you logged on to your ISP and not the
last time you went onto the group.

In newshound transport->servers option you can setup a system variable for
auto-detection of ISP if you use three or four ISP's from home. Some
people even  use a system variable to launch FTP download the ID file from
a remote computer like the Mac I'm on in the lab and extract the ID's from
that file so you don't download a message from home and in the lab. This
can be done from within an application or from the command line so it
works for all apps.

On a mac with newswatcher like the one I have here you go to "special" on
the icon bar and chose "unsubscribe"
> Beatrice

BTW What OS and newsreader are you using?

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