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I missed the orignial posting with lots of html.

This was probably a posting with Mozilla or Outlook.

For users of outlook who want to configure their newsreader properly so it
dosn't post html attachments, then see Paul Vigays page.

You probably can tell from the URL that Paul uses RISC OS like me. :-)

A snippet from his page reads:-

"Because Microsoft incorrectly assume that everyone is using their own
software (called Outlook Express) they have defined the default
preferences to be rather wasteful of time and resources. So that emails
can look nice to other Outlook users, they send a duplicate copy of each
email message as an HTML attachment. This results in each message
effectively being sent twice and will result in more expensive phone
calls. If you use Outlook Express to send many emails, over time this will
have quite a dramatic effect on your phone bill, so it's advisable to set
it up correctly - which will also please the people you're sending emails
to because they won't receive a duplicate copy as an attachment."

> >
> > please send newsgroup messages in plain text and not in HTML formate.
> > HTML greatly inflates the size of a message (without increasing it's
> > content). It's simply a waste of bandwidth.
> >
> > Harold
> >
> > P.S. "... glucerol.." ?!  ;-)
> P.P.S.  I suppose acetates or any other kind of carboxy-HTML salts are
> unwelcome as well?!!!

Bob; Sunny Scotland now!! :-)

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