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My impression was that TAE has less buffering capacity than TBE (even used
at 0.5X), and hence, cannot be reused as much.  If this is the case, you
might be ending up making TAE just as frequently!  Sounds to me like it
might be a toss up.  Incidentally, there is a section in Manniatis (or
rather the more recent addition whose first author I don't recall)
addressing the advantages and disadvantages of TBE, TAE, and TPE.


>Another great thing about TAE is that you can prepare a 50x solution, where
>10x TBE is the max due to precipitation. Thus, by using TAE you only have to
>go through the tedious task of buffer-preparation 1/5 as often as is the
>case for TBE... (for the same volume, that is)
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>> Please pardon the perhaps ignorant question.  In agarose gels, what are
>> the advantages of TAE or TBE?  I have been unable to find a good
>> explanation of why or when one buffer should be used over the other.
>> Thanks.
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