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look at to 
read something about toxicology of Orange G.

You also might query for "Orange G" at 
for more information. 

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> From:          Sophie Launey <launey at>
> Subject:       tracking dye / Orange G
> Date:          Thu, 21 Sep 2000 10:54:22 +0200
> Organization:  INRA
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> Hello everybody,
> When running my PCR (microsatellites, 100 to 300bp) on denaturing
> acrylamide gels, I use Bromophenol Blue as a tracking dye. The gel
> is then scanned on a fluorescence scanner and I have a sort of
> "background" band at around 100 bp, that is apparently due to some
> degradation product of the dye (see Buchholz et al, 1999,
> BioTechniques, 27:646-648). I'm looking for alternate tracking dye
> and came across Orange G dye. However, I cannot find information
> about possible toxicity (and subsequent appropriate handling and
> disposal) for this dye (the only info I've found is "The
> toxicological properties of this material have not been
> investigated.") I wonder if anyone is using Orange G, and if so how
> do they deal with it? Or if there are other alternate tracking dyes
> that would migrate faster than the bands of interest and leave no
> residue? 
> Many thanks in advance
> Sophie Launey
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