Sendai virus production

Tim Spahlinger txs at
Fri Sep 22 04:23:48 EST 2000

Here's URL for a "do-it-yourself" incubator:

A "search" on the WWW ("egg incubator") yields several
One source for purchasing an incubator can be found at:

Paul wrote:
> mazarbiu at wrote:
> > Hi!
> > I'm going to need massive amounts of Sendai Virus, made from embryonated
> > chicken eggs. Question is, we don't have an egg incubator. Do any of you
> > fellow bionetters know where i can buy one or how I can build my own?
> You might be able to get away with an ordinary 37°C incubator.  When we're
> growing
> up flu we don't rock the eggs after inoculation, so any humidified incubator
> will do.
> Of course it might be different for Sendai and you'll need a supplier willing
> to provide
> you with 10-11 day old eggs.
> You could try posting the question on bionet.virology too.
> Cheers
> Paul Digard

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