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Mon Sep 25 17:30:45 EST 2000

"Michael L. Sullivan" wrote:
> I had heard that borate, present in TBE, can be inhibitory to some enzymes
> (eg. DNA ligase), so that if using DNA directly out of low melt agarose, it
> was better to use TAE.  My own experience was that ligations still worked
> OK in the presence of TBE, though.

Interesting.  My own experience is that borate do inhibit ligation. 
Could you confirm that your ligation is done in TBE, and not after
purification which removed the TBE?  And have done a comparison
between TAE and TBE? I would be interested to know.

> Mike
> >Please pardon the perhaps ignorant question.  In agarose gels, what are
> >the advantages of TAE or TBE?  I have been unable to find a good
> >explanation of why or when one buffer should be used over the other.
> >Thanks.
> >
> >John
> >jbohmfalk at hastings.edu
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