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> Does anybody here know of an assay - preferably elisa or similar -
> which allows you to compare the number of live cells (tissue
> culture) between wells/plates, without affecting the cells?
> Manual counting is not an option due to the number of wells that
> need to be assayed. I was hoping for something where a relative
> measure for cell number could be determined by assaying the cell
> medium...

Another post mentioned the possibility of using the MTT assay, which
measures mitochondrial oxidation and therefore, indirectly, the number
of living cells.  The post also pointed out that you have to kill the
cells to perform this assay.

There is a more expensive way to do this which preserves cell viability.
 As I recall, Molecular Devices (no affiliation) makes an incubator
which contains a very sensitive pH probe.  The apparatus can be kept
sterile.  The rate of acidification of the tissue culture medium is a
measure of cell metabolism, just like MTT oxidation.

Good luck!

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