restriction enzymes for AFLP

Thomas Moen thomas.moen at
Fri Sep 29 08:43:57 EST 2000


I was thinking I should try some enzyme combinations other than EcoRI/MseI
for the AFLP procedure:

1) Does anyone have any recommendations they would like to share with me?
Or are there any enzymes I should avoid?

2) Seems to me it would be a good idea to pick enzymes that are not
methylation-sensitive. Then why is PstI one of the the most frequently used
6-cutters after EcoRI ?

3) I've read somewhere that the C in CG is more prone to mutation (to T)
than the average nucleotide. Is that so? What about C not in CG. Are there
other short sequences that are mutated more often than expected?

And if there are anyone out who'd like to discuss AFLP-related stuff, please
don't hesitate to send an email!


Thomas Moen
AKVAFORSK - Institute of Aquaculture Research
Aas, Norway
thomas.moen at

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