absolute ethanol

R. Jayakumar jakku at mrna.tn.nic.in
Sat Sep 30 00:14:49 EST 2000

 it is practically not possible to have 100% ethanol.  there may always be a
small percentage of H2O. You may have to keep it in a vacuum dessicator or
something and store it in a bottle with a automatic dispenser cap (available
with leading companies like Sigma techware).
     best of luck

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Subject: absolute ethanol

> I need to keep a stock of 100% ethanol absolutely absolute for use in
> critically drying tissues for scanning electron microscopy.  Does anyone
> know if there is some moisture absorbing reagent which I can keep in the
> ethanol (ie CaCl2 or activated charcoal) that will absorb out the water
> which is sure to contaminate my ethanol due to moisture in the air.
> Thanks,
>   Jon Warawa
>   J.Warawa at bristol.ac.uk


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