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>I seek professional advice on this:
>I am working on comparing patterns or polymorphism within hemophiliac
patients using RFLP on PCR products.  The pcr product from intron 13
generates a 96 bp product.  Is the protocol logical?
>Our lab is not capable of doing southern blotting but is capable of doing
PCR . This is my research fellowship project and unfortunately, no one here
can provide me advice.  Quite a neophyte in the aspect of molecular biology
but very familiar with PCR.
>If you can share an RFLP protocol in the analysis of the porlymorphism is a
big help.
>Again, many thanks in advance.
>mshmdeje at ustcc.ust.edu.ph
It is logical if you have the ability to resolve the restriction products.
You would need to do a polyacrylamide gel for that...  Email me if you need
any specific help.  I work at a PharmacoGenomics company, so PCR/RFLP is one
of the methods we use.

Jeff Fairman, Ph.D.


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