Aktaprime protein purification system

Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg at online.no
Mon Apr 2 04:06:20 EST 2001

We purchased the system a year ago, and we are very satisfied with it. It's
a cheap but versatile and very practical and integrated system if you don't
have too complex screening tasks in protein purification. (I personally
think that the super-automated systems are overkill)

What I like most with it, is the ease of running the system manually. Think
of it - often you spend a lot of time programming methods that turn out to
be not optimal, and you often run them only once or twice. In manual mode
you may start any gradient at any point. However, you will have to rely on
oldfashioned notes on the chromatogram and in your notebook in order to
record what conditions have been used. Also, it is fine to have 8 solvent
in-ports so you don't have to degas for each buffer change.

What I miss is to be able to change the output scaling during run, and I
would like to have the chromatograms on computer.

One other thing: the pump range (up to 50 ml/min) is really useful when
you're using 26 and 50 mm dia columns. Not many other systems can deliver

We have had nothing but positive experiences with the system (no affiliation
with Pharmacia).

Dag Rune

Patrick Lynch skrev i meldingen
<20010330094844.15407.qmail at ww02.jatek.com>...
>Hi all,
>Has anyone out there used the AktaPrime protein purification system from
>Pharmacia?  Any comments?

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