HMW RNA markers

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Tue Apr 10 04:45:57 EST 2001

In article <clbna9.ti.ln at localhost>, the eminent Alberto Chinali at
>Does anyone know if RNA markers longer than 10kb are commercialy available? 
>I'm getting a specific signal for a long (possibly between 10 and 15 kb) 
>mRNA in my Northerns but I have been unable to find any markers with 
>fragments exceeding 10kb.

It's hard enough to generate transcripts of say 5kb so to get enough of
something over 10kb should be an interesting experience. I guess the
problem is generating a suitable DNA template with nothing that will act
as a transcription terminator or any other secondary structure that will
cause slow down in transcription efficiency.

I would be interested to here what people have used to generate such

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