Stability of sticky ends.

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Tue Apr 10 09:13:16 EST 2001

In < at>, Dr. Hiranya S.
Roychowdhury wrote:
>Well, I think the stability depends on two things: 
>1. Buffering
>2. cleanliness.
>If those two standards are met, restrtiction digested DNA may be stored
>almost indefinitely. I have vector preps from 1993 that I am still using
>with no noticeable difference in ligatability  (is that a legit word?). 

I think the original question may have come from the (observation/belief/wive's
tale/lab legend) that single nucleotide tails as done for various T/A cloning
schemes were unstable.

In contrast to that, some of us may remember the old days of using m13 vectors
for sequencing and mutagenesis. In those days, it was common to keep in the
freezer stocks of m13 RF DNA that was already cut in the polylinker with various
permutations of restriction enzymes. They seemed to keep that way for a long
time without an obvious loss in usability.


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