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Hi Dr. Clark,

Do you mean that the smartcycler is not very suitable for higher throughput?
Is there any advantage over our similar product? I read from smartcycler
homepage that "Purchase of this instrument does not convey any right to
practice the 5´ nuclease assay or any of the other real-time methods covered
by patents owned by Roche or PE." How does this limitation affect the


"Dr. Duncan Clark" wrote:

> In article <9aseji$1rse$1 at>, the eminent salanti at
> UNI-C wrote
> >So my questions have been answered!
> What I would also add, if I haven't already, is that if you are trying
> to totally optimise assays then the SmartCycler is very very useful as
> you can run up to 16 different cycling conditions all at once. For
> higher throughput I would use the RotorGene.
> Duncan
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