Electrochemist please help .... anode and cathode

Mallika Boonmee mallika at student.unsw.edu.au
Wed Apr 11 04:23:39 EST 2001

I wonder if there will be any differences if I use Pt wire (curled to give more surface area) instead of Pt plate as an anode (also, Cu wire in stead of plate for cathode).
The only thing I can think of is the difference in effective surface area of the electrodes, which will in turn affect the current density. 
I wonder if using wire would have other effect on the performance of an electrochemical cell.

Note: I am constructing an electrodialyser and consider using Pt wire because it could be cheaper than Pt plate. I need Pt because my anode corrodes due to the oxidation reaction (water splitting) at the anode. 
If you have more suggestion on choices of electrodes, please inform me. I have tried passivated SS-316 but it did not work. I would also be appreciated if you could leave your email or email me to discuss in further details about this matter.

Mallika Boonmee
mboonmee at netscape.net
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