how to determine the number of plates required for

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It is the total number of clones that you need to screen, that is of
consideration. A rule of thumb for effective screening is to have between
150 to 200 colonies/plaques per 90mm plate. Of course, the spreading has to
be good no matter how many colonies/plaques you can screen.

At 03:29 PM 4/13/01 -0000, feixie wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>I plan to screen a cDNA library of human testis by homologous
>The protein to identify is estimated at 5% of the total protein in human
>testis. The library has 10(8) clones/ml, and we could screen up to 10(4)
>clones in a 90mm plate. Could you tell me how to determine the number of 
>plates required for screening?
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