Please suggest the software for DNA sequence management

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Tue Apr 17 10:33:31 EST 2001

Sergio <sergioal at> wrote:
:Well, i cannot suggest the program to use, but i suggest NOT to use DNAstar
: from
:lasergene (just in case someone else suggests it). I'm sorry to say this, but
:after buying this "not really cheaper" program package for PC (running under
:windows 9x), we haven't got good experiences. Strange fatal errors, complicated
:functions, poor compatibility with the rest of the windows programs and even
:among the package programs (i.e. you cannot open a sequence in the Sequence
:Editor if it's already opened in the Map Draw, and this program doesn't allow
: to
:edit the sequence, the Protean program stops for no reason). And the printer
:options are the summit of this disaster, speacially from the Map Draw program
:(the on that should be used to see any sequence with annotations, features,
:restrictions sites, etc). In my humble opinion, it's not worthy to go for this
:package. The only programs which work fine are the primer designer and the
:sequence assembler (not easy to use though).

I concur. I used to use this package because the lab
next to us had it, and while any program is useful
considering alternative of doing it manually, DNAStar
is a disaster. It leaves an impression that the people
who made it never really thought out the logical ways
to use any of its features, and never really bothered
to integrate suit's parts. It's just a bunch of 
randomly thrown in, crach-prone programs that are 
really inconvenient to use.

Now, what about alternatives? Has anyone use 
"Visual Cloning 2000"
and what can be said of it? 

        - Dima

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