Strange problem with agarose gel electrophoresis

Roland Hubner rhubner at
Tue Apr 17 13:03:03 EST 2001

> DNA migrates from "Black" to "Red" ... I have no idea why! Somebody long
> long time ago decided those colors for everybody else, and since then
> nucleic acids have been migrating from the "Black" electrode to the "Red"
> one -- provided a potential difference exists in between.

... and provided that the "Red" on the gel box is plugged into the "Red" 
connection on the power source  ;^)

> If this does not solve the problem, I may suggest preparing the TBE stock
> (5x or 10x, whatever you have) fresh. I don't use TBE for routine DNA 
> gels for its notoreity in going "bad" (precipitating) within a few weeks.

... for 20x TBE I "autoclave" that (to dissolve tiniest crystals) and 
it's fine for warmer period of year... However, when temperature shifts 
brutally (Univ. heating down over 'cold' WE) still gives ppt.


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