About determination of Palmitoyl CoA Oxidase activity..

syeon at kr.qrio.com syeon at kr.qrio.com
Thu Apr 19 21:14:28 EST 2001

I tried to determine the activity of palmitoyl CoA oxidase in rat liver
induced by peroxisome proliferator, Wy-14,643, 
I found something interesting in this experiment.
In our institute, by chance, three parts tried this experiment and showd the
same wrong results that are a decrease of activity on spectrophotometry or
have not any reaction. I examined and compared their method with me and could
not find the difference.
I expected 100 fold increase rate of absorbance than this result.
Our method used the reduction of NAD and also used the liver sample
homogenated by Potter-Elvehjem Tissue grinder. The hmogenate was stored the
sample to -70 C and centrifuged at 2500g before the assay.
I think that the person that had did this assay(because we, three parts
experienced the same result.) had met commonly this trouble.  
Probably, I think someone know the solution on this problem.
Could you let me know how to solve this problem?
Kookkyung Lee
syeon at kfda.go.kr

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