Please suggest the software for DNA sequence management

Ronald Chung rchung at
Sat Apr 21 00:26:17 EST 2001

I also used DNAStar for a while and it was terrible!! It did give the
impression that not too much thought was put into its design. I recently
switched to Redasoft Visual Cloning 2000 and it has been fantastic! The
graphics and interface are wonderful and it's very easy to use and stable!
:) Doesn't yet have every feature I'd like but what's there is better than
anything else I've seen. It's also very reasonably priced.

R Chung

"Dima Klenchin" <klenchin at> wrote in
message news:9bhnob$1c0_002 at
> Sergio <sergioal at> wrote:
> :Well, i cannot suggest the program to use, but i suggest NOT to use
> : from
> :lasergene (just in case someone else suggests it). I'm sorry to say this,
> :after buying this "not really cheaper" program package for PC (running
> :windows 9x), we haven't got good experiences. Strange fatal errors,
> :functions, poor compatibility with the rest of the windows programs and
> :among the package programs (i.e. you cannot open a sequence in the
> :Editor if it's already opened in the Map Draw, and this program doesn't
> : to
> :edit the sequence, the Protean program stops for no reason). And the
> :options are the summit of this disaster, speacially from the Map Draw
> :(the on that should be used to see any sequence with annotations,
> :restrictions sites, etc). In my humble opinion, it's not worthy to go for
> :package. The only programs which work fine are the primer designer and
> :sequence assembler (not easy to use though).
> :
> I concur. I used to use this package because the lab
> next to us had it, and while any program is useful
> considering alternative of doing it manually, DNAStar
> is a disaster. It leaves an impression that the people
> who made it never really thought out the logical ways
> to use any of its features, and never really bothered
> to integrate suit's parts. It's just a bunch of
> randomly thrown in, crach-prone programs that are
> really inconvenient to use.
> Now, what about alternatives? Has anyone use
> "Visual Cloning 2000"
> (
> and what can be said of it?
>         - Dima

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