germination of rize?

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Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:

> Hi all,
> This question might be a little bit off topic, but I'm sure
> there are lots of plant biologists around here and probably one
> of you knows an answer:
> For a demostration in a school lesson, a collegae would
> need so rice plants. Is it possible to use household rize (of
> course not the parboiled variation but paddy rice from
> supermarket) for this purpose? What condictions (using no
> special media and conditions one needs a lab for, preferably)
> might be practical for germination and growth?
> Wolfgang
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I would think that, as the rice from the supermarket is aready pealed,
it might have also lost the embrios (if that's the correct term).
However, ther should be some very low quality rice or some whole rice
(with skin) available in one of those 'organic'shops. Whole rice should
germinate as you did for your beans in kindergarden.



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