medium scale production of mammalian proteins

Bruno Cenni bruno.removethis.cenni at
Tue Apr 24 01:05:01 EST 2001

if you have to stick to mammalian cells, you might try stably expressing CHO
cells. They can be adapted to growth in suspension, increasing the yield/ml


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> :Hi group,
> :
> :I need 50-100 mg of a protein we have designed. A fusion between a 70
> :residue protein and the Fc-part of IgG1.  We have succesfully expressed
> :small amounts in cos7-cells and purified on Protein A. It is glycosylated
> :the antibody part.
> :
> :Does anyone have suggestions to a cheap and quick way to make a LOT of
> Baculovirus in insect cells.
> Yields of ~ 20 mg/l culture are not uncommon
> (provided the expression conditions were carefully
> optimized). That's what I am getting for a protein
> of 145 kDa.
> For comparison, Cos-1 expression takes lots of DNA
> and transfection effort and yields about 0.5 mg/l.
>         - Dima

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