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Han Broekman j.broekman at
Sun Apr 29 05:50:32 EST 2001

marianne carter wrote:
> Han
> I think you'll find that the sig is 'automatically' inserted by his
> 'employer/university' mail system - he probably has no control over its
> insertion. I work for a hospital and it too sends simliar waffle with every
> email etc sent and I can't do a thing about it!
> Kind regards
> Ian Carter


I felt stupid once my better half (and now you) pointed this out. 
Nevertheless, I still believe it is inappropriate for a newsgroup (news
follows a different protocol than email, so unless a mail to news
gateway was used, the "company" should have known the difference. 
Secondly, an empty "threat" is diluting the value of the statement: 
Apparently, the "company" is blindly inserting legalese in the same way
others are using random funny quotes.

Just my opinion, YMMV.
Best regards
Han Broekman
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