Foot and mouth.

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I don't know, how familiar you are with retreival of  scientific 
information on the net (according to yor email adress you aren't 
to deep in science, are you?). Please reveal yor identity, when 
you post to this forum again. We'd like to know you, there is no 
reason to hide.

Now, letzee....

1) Try any search engine (e.g. and feed it with 
"foot mouth disease"

2) Do the same with PubMed
and then head to the library, if you can't get the papers 

3) run to the virologist's or veterinarian's department and ask 
those who should know it.

Should return plenty of information


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> Does anyone know where I can find information on the biochemistry behind the
> symptoms of foot and mouth disease?
> I have to write a paper,
> but I can't seem to find anything
> please help!
> thank you :)
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