Pseudomonas and pH

Sergio sergioal at
Wed Aug 1 06:38:01 EST 2001

I work on P. putida and in my opinion it's a very resistent bug... if you don't
get an answer here a good and fast experiment to check the viability of P.
aureginosa in low pH medium is just to resuspend the cells in your buffer and
counting the cfu at different times.

Michael Witty wrote:

> Dear All,
>         my aim is to pull down Pseudomonas aeruginosa using an antibody to
> an outer membrane protein and protein A Sepharose beads.  Then I want to
> disrupt the attachement to the beads and plate the cells on LB plates.  I
> know that glycine buffer pH3.0 will separate IgG and protein A, BUT will
> Pseudomonas aeruginosa survive this?
> Is this a good or a dumb idea?  Regards, Mike.

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