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There is a new cell counter, using inexpensive flow cytometry to measure and 
count viable and non-viable cells.   It is more expensive than a microscope, 
but far less than an automated cell counter.  They have kits for cell 
counting, for protein expression say from monoclonal or insect cells, and for 
cell aptosis.

Check out

I haven't used it personally, but I have seen it demoed twice in laboratories 
and the users say it is easy to run with minimal maintenance.  Only a few 
microliters of sample are needed, so it should be ideal for microplates.  
Guava is developing a microplate sampler accessory, so you could talk to them 
about your needs.

Walt Schick

> I was wondering if anybody knows a method to determine the number cells
> growing in a 96 well plate. Something like measuring the turbidity
> (absorbance) or refringence, other than actually counting them. I don't
> have access to a cell counter, and I don't want to spend hours counting
> them below the microscope well by well.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Cheers,

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