Selecting cDNA (IMAGE) clones by chromosomal position

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at
Wed Aug 8 04:41:06 EST 2001

Richard Williams wrote:
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to the 'best' method of selecting
> large numbers of IMAGE (cDNA) clones that map to specific chromosomal
> regions? 
> 1) Select clones based on sequence similarities to known genes in
> ENSEMBL, perhaps by BLASTing EST databases with ENSEMBL cDNAs from the
> region of interest as queries.

I believe the latest release of Ensembl has ESTs mapped to it already. 
You could probably just mirror their MySQL database and use that
information to get the ESTs in a particular location.  You would need to
subselect for IMAGE clones, but that shouldn't be too hard (easy to say
when you don't have to do it!).



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