pertusis toxin -- making a "uniform suspension"

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Wed Aug 8 10:40:25 EST 2001

John, normally adding a little acid or base (you might try 
HOAc or NH4 acetate) might help. (try it on a small aliquot 
first). Calbiochem should be able to give you more advice.


> I want to use pertusis toxin to inactivate Gi family members in
> transfected COS cells to investigate some signaling pathways.  I
> ordered the pertusis toxin from Calbiochem (cat. no. 516560), and
> it comes as a lyophilized solid to be reconstituted in water. 
> Both the label on the vial AND the catalog description mention
> that I should obtain a "uniform suspension" before using the
> toxin on cells.  I figured that should be easy enough.
> As it turns out (to my surprise), the toxin forms a cloudy,
> particulate suspension when water is added to the lyophilized
> powder.  Usually lyophilized proteins go into solution very
> quickly and easily, but not so here.  I tried vortexing the hell
> out of it, but the clumps of toxin remain.
> I don't know if the toxin would stand up to sonication; and I
> don't want to add a detergent, since that will also get applied
> to the cells when I add the toxin to them.
> Does anyone who routinely works with pertusis toxin have any
> suggestions on how to make a "uniform suspension"?
> John
> hines at

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