dam- and dcm- e.coli cells

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    I have been using only JM109 cells for all my purposes so far, and I
have never found it difficult to cut the plasmid DNA with any enzyme so far.
Don't worry, most of the enzymes are not that sensitive as they put them to
be.  You may bravely transform your plasmid into JM109 and use the Bcl1 site
for your work.  If you really want a strain which is both dcm and dam- then
ask ecoli genetic stock centre for the strain GM2929 (ID#: 10960).  Go to
their website http://cgsc.biology.yale.edu/.  YOu can ask them to send you
the culture.  They will sned it to you for no cost.  It is a service.
Wonderful people.. these americans, don't U think?
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> dear netters,
> can u tell me any dam- and dcm- cell lines.
> as understood e.coli jm109 is dcm- aut not dam-.
> if anybody can provide me with the strain it would be of great help as
> the sequence i have, has only restriction BclI sites which once introduced
> into JM109 would be lost.......
> pls help me out and if possiible please mail me some lyophilized cells to
> the address below.
> thnkyou in advance.
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