How to open the trace data at GAP4

Wed Aug 8 21:27:15 EST 2001


       A new problem. I can`t open the trace data at GAP4. I just follow the
step in `help`. But it doesn`t work for me.

-----Gap4 does not store the trace data within the gap4 database. Instead it
res the filename of the trace file. Usually the trace files are kept within
the s
ame directory as the gap4 database. If this is not the case gap4 needs to
know wh
ere they are. 

To make sure that gap4 can still display the traces we need to specify any
native locations where traces may be found. The "Trace File Location"
command (wh
ich is available from the gap4 Options menu) performs this task. It brings
up a d
ialogue asking for the directory names. If there is just one directory to
, its name should be typed in. If there are several directories to search
, they must all be typed in, separated by the colon character (":"). To
include a
directory name that contains a colon, use a double colon. 
For example, on windows to specify two directories, use (eg)

        My trace files are in the  D:abi
        So, I typed --             D::\abi     in the dialogue table. 
        Would you please to tell me if it is right.

        Thanks a lot.


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