How to open the trace data at GAP4

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at
Thu Aug 9 04:09:52 EST 2001

GAP5 wrote:
> hi,all,
>        A new problem. I can`t open the trace data at GAP4. I just follow the
> step in `help`. But it doesn`t work for me.

You are getting ahead of yourself!  You need to put your traces through
pregap before you bring them into gap.  See my reply to a very similar
message just above (was that from you as well?).  As long as you don't
do anything funny with the output of pregap, then gap4 will find your
trace files OK.

You may also want to ask these questions in,
which although it usually looks like it's full of junk, is actually read
by a lot of people who know Staden backwards!



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