Gateway-compatible vectors for plants?

Fatima Cvrckova fatima at
Thu Aug 9 13:59:05 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

does anyone have Gateway-compatible vectors for protein expression in
plants (Arabidopsis) or plant cells - and would you be willing to share?

Specifically, I am looking for
1) a binary vector for stable Agro-mediated transformation, with a
Gateway AttR sites behind p35S or similar promoter (plant selection
marker doesn't matter)

2) any GFP fusion (either end) in a plant vector behind a constitutive
promoter (p35S or such), for transient or stable/Agro mediated

3) dtto but with an epitope tag instead of GFP (any tag for which good
commercial monoclonals are available).

Thanks a lot for any tips


Fatima Cvrckova (fatima at


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