SDS debate

Michael Witty mw132 at
Sun Aug 12 07:16:46 EST 2001

Dear Malay and Emir,
                   thanks for your emails.

> What I really want to know is ( a very vital point):
> "Can SDS per se (without boiling) can denature a soluble protein?"

I think the answer is yes.  For membrane proteins the advise is often
"don't boil the sample".  Though I think trying it both ways is the best
way.  This is because membrane proteins often aggregate when heated and
fail to enter the gel.

> ...There was even paper that most of the proteins takes a helical
> conformation in SDS. I can dig out the reference if anyone wants it

Yes please.  I would appreciate knowing this reference.  Regards, Mike.

Regards, Mike.

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