heat-resitant proteases?

kresten no-sp at m.org
Mon Aug 13 02:00:05 EST 2001

I have used thermolysin with success at 70 degrees. Among the several
controls I had, one included adding a (partially) unfolded protein after
incubating thermolysin for 30 min. The enzyme was still active.

There are many references on the use of thermolysin.


"James Park" <jpark100 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:9l3dh9$l1o$1 at news.rt66.com...
> I am wondering if there are proteases or proteinases which can survive at
> higher temperature (80oC).
> The purpose is to digest tough proteins/glycoproteins at 80oC or 900C.
> James.

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