heat-resitant proteases?

Roland Hübner roland.hubner at ua.ac.be
Mon Aug 13 09:12:05 EST 2001


>>I am wondering if there are proteases or proteinases which can survive 
>>at higher temperature (80oC).
>Umpteen from hyperthermophilic archaea i.e. proteases that survive 100C
>plus. Problem is that I doubt any are commercially available. 
 Fung, M & Y. Fung NAR 19, 4300 (1991): featuring broad-spectrum serine 
protease with max. activity at 75°C.

 Trademark of Pacific Enzymes -> sold for instance by Life Tech -> 
perhaps still by Invitrogen, although they appear to stop several LT 

 I predict that it will survive a couple of minutes above 80°C and that 
this is enough for your objectives  ;^)

Hope this helps,

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