PCR Woes.

Roland Hubner roland.hubner at ua.ac.be
Tue Aug 14 11:44:28 EST 2001

> I am confident about my Taq

 If that means that the amplifications work with Taq pol, then you have 
probably no primer problem or template & rxn troubles... but have to 
find the appropriate conditions for your HiFi-PCR with Pfu...

 I would now add Pfu pol AFTER the initial denat. step of 5 min in your 
plasmid PCR, use 1 ng plasmid and about 20 cycles, and INCREASE the Tm 
by 5 and 10?C...

 Else, spiking in a tiny amount of Pfu into your Taq PCR and keeping 
cycle number low (e.g., 10 cycles for 10 ng plasmid) might give you 
sufficient assurance to obtain correct sequence... [Will have to anyway 
sequence check, if that is crucial]

 Hope that helps,

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