humanizing a gene

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Thu Aug 16 08:15:12 EST 2001

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> Dear All,
>         if I was taking a heterologous coding sequence and making all the
> rare codons into human preferred codons I would be humanizing the coding
> sequence.  BUT I am taking a Pseudomonas coding sequence and making all
> the rare codons into E. coli preferred codons.  What should I call this?

When I redesign coding sequences to optimize them for tomato and potato 
expression, I refer to it as "codon optimization for tomato and potato 
expression".  Yes, it's far less spiffy than a single term, but it gets the 
point across with a minimum of potential confusion.  Otherwise, I'd have to 
use monstrosities like "tomatization", "potatization", "tobaccization", 
"bananazation", "plantization", "monocotization", "dicotization", 
"solanaciazation", and have to keep making up new terms every time we look 
at trying a new plant species, and THEN have to make sure it's explained 
when its used for the first few years.

"Cape Cod Salsa--somehow that's just not right."

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