humanizing a gene

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Depending on what you want to use the word for, I'd perhaps suggest the
phrase "optimizing for expression in E. coli".  It is more words, but less
ambiguous and more easily understood I think.

BTW, this is coming from somebody whose graduate advisor didn't like
"verbifying nouns" or "nouning verbs", e.g., we don't "pH" a solution, we
"adjust the pH of" a solution!


>Dear All,
>        if I was taking a heterologous coding sequence and making all the
>rare codons into human preferred codons I would be humanizing the coding
>sequence.  BUT I am taking a Pseudomonas coding sequence and making all
>the rare codons into E. coli preferred codons.  What should I call this?
>Escherichizing?  Colizing?  Colonizing?  Please help with my genetic
>grammar.  Mike.

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