Deionizing formamide and Formaldehyde?

Alan Smith alansmith at
Thu Aug 16 09:48:26 EST 2001


I have a quick question on deionizing formamide and formaldehyde because my
chemistry knowledge seems to be decreasing with age.  We purchased some
mixed bed resin designed for the job from sigma, but it is pricey ($97 US
for 100g).  Does anyone know how to recharge the resin after it has been
used to deionize formaldehyde or formamide, the resin is a mixture of
strongly acidic and basic resins?  Also we don't have a way to measure
conductivity, but we do have pH meters that can measure voltage.  Can the mV
meter some how be used to measure conductivity? Any help or advice would be
appreciated because it is a lot cheaper to deionize these substances in the
lab than to purchase them deionized.  I have about 100-200 hybes for
notherns I need to perform.

Alan Smith


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