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Dr. Duncan Clark news at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 03:37:22 EST 2001

In article <7MWe7.3922$2u.44712 at www.newsranger.com>, the eminent Nick
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>>I will do. It is listed in my newsfeed but I will also try from home
>>through a different ISP provider.
>You can also read it on google at:

Something odd because I tried 4 different newsfeeds last night from
different internet providers and although the genearray group is in each
of their newsgroup lists there is no news showing up, even when
backdating news collection by a month or so. 

I will talk to one of them and see what is happening.

Homogeneous Fluorescent Reporting Systems for Real-Time Quantitative PCR: 

Optimisation, Probe Technology & Future Systems

4-5 September 2001
King Alfred's College, Winchester, UK 


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