Stable Tandem Repeats?

Karthik Aghoram kaghoram at
Mon Aug 20 17:23:32 EST 2001

I am having the very same problem, and had posted this enquiry last week 
... in vain.  Later I read Stratagene's (no affiliation whatsoever) 
manual, and they suggested the use of their SURE cells.  Also found a 
couple of papers that said this.  So I am giving it a shot.  Will keep 
you posted.

Good luck.

Scott (scj-13 at wrote:
: I'm looking for a way to stabilize tandem direct repeats in E. coli. In 
: this case they're on a plasmid. When I prep it and perform restriction 
: digests I see that I am losing copies of the repeat. The repeats are 
: >500bp and there are several copies. I'm currently using NovaBlue as the 
: host strain which is recA1. Novagen also sells another recA- strain, 
: BLR, but I haven't tried it. Are there other commercial stains available 
: with additional mutations which might prevent this from happening? I'd 
: appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks.
: -Scott


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