why does maxiprep always fail for this plasmid??

Chris Jones 6kuritaro at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 22 20:35:23 EST 2001

In article <B7A73A9C.1056%mlevin77 at mediaone.net>,
 Mike Levin <mlevin77 at mediaone.net> wrote:

>    What could possibly account the fact that the bacteria grow
> fine, but I can't get the plasmid prep out?? Any ideas would be greatly
> appreciated - please email to mlevin at forsyth.org. Thanks!!

That's happened to me on occasion: once it was clearly a contaminant of 
some sort (very un-Coli odor), but other than that I have no reasonable 
explanation. (Integration into the chromosomal DNA???)

If you can, just get another sample from your original source.

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